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Meet Camborne's Councillors

Council Information

Local councils are made up of councillors who are elected by the public in local elections. Councillors work with local people and partners, such as community groups, businesses and other organisations, to agree and deliver on local priorities. The decisions are implemented by permanent council staff, council officers, who deliver services on a daily basis. The role of a councillor is to serve and represent everyone in the ward that they are elected to (and not just those who voted for them). Some are also appointed to additional roles in the council, such as being a cabinet member.

Register of interests

Each Town Councillor is legally required to complete and submit a Register of their Interests. These forms are collected by the Clerk and sent to Cornwall Council where they will be published on the Camborne Town Council page of Cornwall Council’s website.

The latest Councillors Register of Interests ↗


The last main elections were held on 6th May 2021.

The next elections are planned to take place in May 2025.

Results and Information can be found here: Election Results ↗

Council Wards

We have eighteen councillors across four council wards. You can click the button to find yours.

Camborne's elected councillors. Camborne's elected councillors.