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Floral Display

Watering a planter in Treswithian

Camborne's 2023 floral display

2023 presented unique challenges due to the hosepipe ban implemented in Cornwall. The hose pipe ban aims to allow for our reservoir water levels to recover, which is particularly important in summer.

With this in mind, we were determined to ensure that Camborne’s 2023 floral display remained visually appealing, while supporting the conservation of our precious water resources. After careful consideration, Camborne Town Council opted to introduce modifications to 2023’s floral display in order to minimise water wastage. One significant change entailed the exclusion of window boxes and baskets from the flower arrangements, with the council choosing to provide businesses with 1mx1m floral planters as an alternative.

The 1m x 1m floral planters were selected for their unique design, incorporating internal reservoirs that can collect and store rainwater. This innovative feature significantly reduces the need for frequent watering, and in some cases eliminates it altogether, especially during periods of abundant rainfall. In contrast, window boxes and baskets lack this reservoir system and typically require watering 2-3 times a week, even when it rains. By temporarily removing them from the year’s display, we were taking proactive measures to reduce an unnecessary stress on Cornwall’s already strained water resources.

While we understand that this change disappointed those enjoyed the traditional displays of previous years, we were confident this sustainable alternative will remain aesthetically captivating in its floral beauty. Our goal was to strike a balance between providing a vibrant summer display and responsibly managing our water resources for the long-term benefit of our community. This decision encompassed the Town Council’s commitment to the Climate’s Action Plan by reducing unnecessary water waste underpinning the important quality of sustainable living.

In addition to the changes, we were delighted to announce that Camborne Town Council will take over the management of small green spaces, permanent planters, and flower beds across our town, taking over from Cornwall Council. These Cornwall Council managed assets have often faced criticism for their poor maintenance and visual unattractiveness. By assuming responsibility for their management, Camborne Town Council aims to ensure that these areas receive the high-quality treatment they deserve. Our dedicated Town Council staff will utilise the time that would typically be spent watering the floral display to improve these newly acquired assets. This commitment will undoubtedly have a tremendous impact on the overall presentation of our town, enhancing its beauty and appeal for residents and visitors alike.

We firmly believe that by making these adjustments, we are demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility and actively contributing to the sustainable future of Camborne. Together, we can ensure that Camborne remains an attractive and sustainable town, even in the face of adversity through this beautiful, but water-responsible, floral display we look forward to enjoying alongside our community.