Staff & Leadership Team

Our Staff Team

Camborne Town Council is supported by 22 employees who work across three key sites:

  • The Passmore Edwards Building, TR14 8HA – Administrative centre for the Town Council, Council Chamber and bookable rooms for community use.
  • Camborne Library, The Basset Centre, TR14 8SL – Library, Community and Culture Services including events and community engagement.
  • Camborne Town Council Unit, Carn Brea Industrial Site – Workspace for Amenities and Facilities Team.

The staff are directed by the Town Council, led by Camborne’s Town Clerk and supported by a dedicated Senior Management Team.

Amenities Team Amenities Team

The Town Clerk

The Town Clerk oversees the running of the Town Council to ensure it meets all its statutory, financial, administrative responsibilities and ensures operational functions are adhered to.

It is important that the Town Clerk ensures that the instructions of the Town Council are undertaken and that its statutory functions are met. Additionally, the Town Clerk is also responsible for the effective and efficient management the Town Council’s staff and resources, including buildings, green spaces and community assets.

In addition to advising on the formulation of policies for Town Council activities, the Town Clerk will produce all the information required for making effective decisions and will constructively implement all the Town Council decisions, with the support of the wider staff team.