Parks & Green Spaces

Camborne Town Council manages a host of parks and green spaces within the Parish and welcomes residents and visitors to pay a visit and enjoy the well kept grounds and facilities.

The Council has started the process of making investment and improvement to the parks in its management. Beacon Recreation Ground was the first park to receive investment during early 2019. During summer 2019 Camborne Town Council held a public consultation to consult the community about improvements for Camborne Recreation Ground and Park Gerry (Park Road Playing Fields). Improvements at Camborne Rec concluded in 2021 with the installation of one of Cornwall’s finest play areas.

Following the completion stage, the Park Gerry ‘Town Deal’ project is to begin in 2024. Additionally, Camborne Town Council have acquired patches of green space on Kerrier Way and this area is also being improved using ‘Town Deal’ funding.