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2024 Budget Announcement

On 26th March 2024, Mayor Zoe Fox & Cllr John Cosgrove explained Camborne Town Council’s budget for 2024 in a video recorded in the Passmore Edwards building, outlining the difficult decisions made this year in the context of…
– A sharp increase in inflation over the last few years.
– Deep cuts in Central Government funding since 2010.
– Devolved services and assets from Cornwall Council.
Last year, to minimise the impact of the cost of living crisis on our community, Camborne Town Council froze our share of the council tax (known as the precept). However the sharp increase in inflation and deep cuts to central government funding since 2010 have plunged many councils across the country into crisis.
If we also add the context of services and assets devolved from Cornwall Council and the management and delivery of huge ‘Town Deal’ projects for Camborne, our councillors reluctantly took the decision to increase our precept, which equates to an additional £25 per year for Band D properties or 48p per week, to reduce the gap between our funding and our costs.
Please bear in mind Camborne Town Councillors are unpaid volunteers, most of whom live, work and pay taxes in Camborne just like the rest of the community and have gone through the tough times that we all have over the last few years. This decision wasn’t taken lightly and councillors are committed to reducing this precept. We hope you understand that the council has done all it can to shield our community from these recent cost increases.