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Trees For Streets Project Launches in Camborne

Trees For Streets

Residents can request free trees through a new charity scheme:

Camborne residents can now request a free tree for their street or front garden to help green the town. National charity initiative Trees for Streets has arrived in Camborne, and is enabling residents to easily request a new tree in one of two ways:


  1. Adopt a street tree – if there is space suitable for a tree on your street and you can commit to watering and taking care of it, a tree (2.5-3 metres in height) will be planted by Forest for Cornwall this winter.
  2. Request a garden tree – if you have enough space in your garden and can commit to watering and taking care of a tree, you will be able to collect one (1.5-2 metres in height) on an arranged date during winter and plant it yourself.

This exciting new initiative aims to enhance Camborne with at least a hundred new trees and residents can benefit from greener streets without having to pay a penny. If you’d like to find out more in person, the project will officially launch at Green Fest in Camborne Recreation Ground on Saturday June 8th 2024, where Trees For Streets & Forest for Cornwall staff will be in attendance so that you can ask anything you’d like to about the scheme.

Trees for Streets is supported by Forest for Cornwall, Trees Outside Woodlands and Camborne Town Council.

Visit to get started.