Kerrier Way Greenspace Project: Gateway Art Design Tender

Artist Needed!

We’re looking to work with an artist/creative to design the artwork/bespoke features proposed for the gateway areas of our Kerrier Way Greenspace Project.

Tender Value: Up to £5,000.

Application Process: Please complete the application form below. Applications at midday on Tuesday 28th May 2024.

We require designs for:

• Art/ bespoke features embedded into the hard surfacing (e.g. embedded metal,)
• Art/ bespoke design included within concrete plinth seating (etched or embossed)

The art is intended to provide an additional level of interest and aesthetic appeal to the
greenspace, as well as interpretation and storytelling relating to the site history and/ or the
local area. It can also bring additional sensory experiences to the space (touch)


The commissioned artist/ group will be expected to deliver a public consultation/ engagement
process (working together with Camborne Town Council and Meiloci Landscape Architects),
to inform the overall theme and the design development. Consultation approaches should
be tailored engage a wide demographic of the local community and encourage creative participation. The program and method of public consultation should be agreed with Camborne Town Council’s Community & Culture Team.

Final Design Development and Implementation:

The final designs will need to be developed in collaboration with the landscape architect
(Meiloci) and end fabricator (e.g. Insteel) to ensure that they meet considerations such as
robustness, health and safety considerations (e.g. slip or trip hazards) and budgetary or
technical constraints.

Final designs will need to be provided in a digital format suitable for lazer/ machine cutting (e.g.clean polylines in Autocad/.dwg format). Alternatively, Meiloci would be able to provide this drafting service, subject to a reduction being made in the value of the commission to cover their time.

At this stage it is intended that the final art pieces will be fabricated/ cast by other suppliers
(e.g, Insteel for metal elements, Cornish Concrete Products for precast elements) and installed by the main contractor delivering the works. Depending on the nature of the art/ materials, however, we may be open to discussions whereby the artist would cover the fabrication/creation of the features through a separate commission (to be discussed/ agreed).

For more information, please email Rose Hitchens-Todd (Head of Community & Culture) 01209 708992

Please note further opportunities for artists to work with us on these projects will be launched in the near future. 

Artist impressions of the Kerrier Way project

Artist impressions of the Kerrier Way Project

Inspiration for design work

Artist impressions of gateways

Inspiration for design work