On 26th March 2024, Mayor Zoe Fox & Cllr John Cosgrove explained Camborne Town Council’s budget for 2024 in a video recorded in the Passmore Edwards building, outlining the difficult decisions made this year in the context of…
– A sharp increase in inflation over the last few years.
– Deep cuts in Central Government funding since 2010.
– Devolved services and assets from Cornwall Council.
Last year, to minimise the impact of the cost of living crisis on our community, Camborne Town Council froze our share of the council tax (known as the precept). However the sharp increase in inflation and deep cuts to central government funding since 2010 have plunged many councils across the country into crisis.
If we also add the context of services and assets devolved from Cornwall Council and the management and delivery of huge ‘Town Deal’ projects for Camborne, our councillors reluctantly took the decision to increase our precept, which equates to an additional £25 per year for Band D properties or 48p per week, to reduce the gap between our funding and our costs.
Please bear in mind Camborne Town Councillors are unpaid volunteers, most of whom live, work and pay taxes in Camborne just like the rest of the community and have gone through the tough times that we all have over the last few years. This decision wasn’t taken lightly and councillors are committed to reducing this precept. We hope you understand that the council has done all it can to shield our community from these recent cost increases.

With just a month to go until Camborne’s big day, we caught up with Trevor Brookes, chair of Camborne Trevithick Association, on a very blustery day, at the site of where it all started, Richard Trevithick’s birthplace! Trevor told us all about the big plans for the 40th anniversary of Trevithick Day on Saturday April 27th.

Trevor Brookes Launches Trevithick Day Trevor Brookes Launches Trevithick Day

Camborne’s Remembrance Parade will be held on Sunday 10th November 2024.

The parade will depart from the square at 10:15, and will head around through Union and Cross Street, down to Tyacks roundabout and congregate outside the Church.

We are delighted to reveal some early concept visuals of The Basset Community Hub; a multi-million pound Town Deal funded project, lead by Camborne Town Council.

Poynton Bradbury Wynter Cole Architects have been working hard with the Town Council on the project, and have drawn up pleasing illustrations which demonstrate the anticipated look and feel of the reinvented Basset Centre and neighbouring White House.

It is anticipated the two sympathetically restored listed buildings, joined with a stunning glass atrium, will house a modern, spacious Library, a dedicated youth space, a large multi-use performance and events space, refreshments outlet and social space as well as other community and commercial services. A fly-through video of the atrium space, including illustrations of possible heritage displays, can be viewed here:

Further public consultation will take place on the project, as moves are made towards obtaining planning permission in the coming weeks.

More concept images, information and plans can be viewed in person at Camborne Library-The Basset Centre, or at Camborne Town Council-The Passmore Edwards Building. If you’d like to be involved in delivering this project, or occupying space within the hub, please email enquiries@camborne-tc.gov.uk for further information.

Thursday 26th October was a historic day in the history of South Crofty mine. It was the official start of the dewatering process and they held an official ceremony where they explained …

“The iron-rich red water is now being pumped at a rate of 25,000 cubic meters per day. It then undergoes three stages of filtration, passes through a hydro-turbine that generates up to 15% of the power needed to run the plant, and is ultimately deposited into the Red River, cleaner than the current river water! Today was an important day in Cornish mining history, marking the start of an 18-month countdown until we hopefully see tin extracted from South Crofty once again after 25 dormant years!”

On Monday 23rd October, Camborne, Richard Trevithick, the Trevithick Society and the ‘Puffing Devil’ were featured on a BBC CBeebies show called ‘Fred & Pete’s Treasure Tales’. The show’s now available on iPlayer if you’d like to give your little ones a local history lesson:


Thanks to the tireless work of Brian Terry, Camborne’s Fairtrade Ambassador, Camborne has once again been recognised as a Fairtrade Community. The award was marked with the presentation of the certificate to the Mayor, Councillor Zoe Fox at the Passmore Edwards building in October and the certificate will be proudly displayed in the council chamber.


More on fairtrade:

Camborne Town Council and project partners Mei Loci and Canvas are welcoming your feedback on the provisional designs for the Town Deal funded improvements at Park Gerry, Park Road, Camborne.

It is anticipated the designs, which have been developed in consultation with local residents and user groups, will be submitted for further comment and planning consent after this consultation in early 2024.

Please view the documents at the bottom of this page to see what is proposed for Park Gerry. The proposals feature rewilding, tree planting, landscaping, footpaths and the creation of assets such as a community pavilion building and an inclusive skatepark. The aim; to create a hub for health, leisure and recreation.

Please feedback online by following the links below, or in person at Camborne Library in the new year.

HAVE YOUR SAY SURVEY: Provisional Designs for Park Gerry

COMMENTS FOR SKATEPARK: Park Gerry Skate Park Design

A face to face consultation event with the designers will take place between 9am-1pm at Camborne Library, The Basset Centre, Basset Road, TR14 8SL on Wednesday 3rd January 2024.

Further tweaks and refinements to the designs will be made as a result of the feedback we gather in this consultation.

As part of Safer Streets 5, Camborne Town Council has opted to direct some of the funding to run an intensive ‘Street Marshalls’ intervention in Camborne Town Centre. The Marshalls will address the community’s concerns about anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues whilst we wait for the new ASB Enforcement Officer for Camborne and Redruth to start their post in early 2024.

The Marshalls are locally recruited professional security personnel with a good knowledge of the area and expectations of the role, as they previously worked as Camborne’s Street Wardens during the post COVID-19 high street reopening. They will patrol the streets, visit businesses and focus on ‘ASB hot-spots’ including Commercial Square plus our parks, allotments, church yards and public toilets. Their shifts vary over the course of the week, to cover peak times and to avoid predictability. They aim to guide members of the public, support businesses with any ASB issues, intervene and professionally report any problems or concerns to relevant community partners including the Police and support agencies such as ‘Streetlink’ and ‘We Are With You’.

Although the Marshalls have been in post for a short time, their presence is already being positively felt in the town. Members of the public are reminded that although the Marshalls are in place, if you witness ASB or crime it is essential it is reported via 101 or 999.

Camborne's 2023 floral display

2023 presented unique challenges due to the hosepipe ban implemented in Cornwall. The hose pipe ban aims to allow for our reservoir water levels to recover, which is particularly important in summer.

With this in mind, we were determined to ensure that Camborne’s 2023 floral display remained visually appealing, while supporting the conservation of our precious water resources. After careful consideration, Camborne Town Council opted to introduce modifications to 2023’s floral display in order to minimise water wastage. One significant change entailed the exclusion of window boxes and baskets from the flower arrangements, with the council choosing to provide businesses with 1mx1m floral planters as an alternative.

The 1m x 1m floral planters were selected for their unique design, incorporating internal reservoirs that can collect and store rainwater. This innovative feature significantly reduces the need for frequent watering, and in some cases eliminates it altogether, especially during periods of abundant rainfall. In contrast, window boxes and baskets lack this reservoir system and typically require watering 2-3 times a week, even when it rains. By temporarily removing them from the year’s display, we were taking proactive measures to reduce an unnecessary stress on Cornwall’s already strained water resources.

While we understand that this change disappointed those enjoyed the traditional displays of previous years, we were confident this sustainable alternative will remain aesthetically captivating in its floral beauty. Our goal was to strike a balance between providing a vibrant summer display and responsibly managing our water resources for the long-term benefit of our community. This decision encompassed the Town Council’s commitment to the Climate’s Action Plan by reducing unnecessary water waste underpinning the important quality of sustainable living.

In addition to the changes, we were delighted to announce that Camborne Town Council will take over the management of small green spaces, permanent planters, and flower beds across our town, taking over from Cornwall Council. These Cornwall Council managed assets have often faced criticism for their poor maintenance and visual unattractiveness. By assuming responsibility for their management, Camborne Town Council aims to ensure that these areas receive the high-quality treatment they deserve. Our dedicated Town Council staff will utilise the time that would typically be spent watering the floral display to improve these newly acquired assets. This commitment will undoubtedly have a tremendous impact on the overall presentation of our town, enhancing its beauty and appeal for residents and visitors alike.

We firmly believe that by making these adjustments, we are demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility and actively contributing to the sustainable future of Camborne. Together, we can ensure that Camborne remains an attractive and sustainable town, even in the face of adversity through this beautiful, but water-responsible, floral display we look forward to enjoying alongside our community.