Increasing the visibility of Flood Warnings

The Environment Agency have developed a new flood widget which can be placed on any website to show flood warnings. The new widget replaces the current version on our flood warning web pages.

The flood 'widget' is computer script or code that web developers can embed within any website. It provides live information displaying the number of Environment Agency flood alerts, flood warnings and severe flood warnings in force. The flood widget can be downloaded by anyone that manages a website and thinks that their users would be interested in our flood warning information.

The flood widget uses open data and provides the latest summary of flood alerts and warnings. The widget is designed to update every 15 minutes.

The flood widget is hosted in the same place we provide our open data and will be managed by the Data, Mapping, Modelling and Information (DMMI) team. Please encourage all interested parties to use the widget.

A link to the new widget is attached to this message.


Environment Agency