Annual Budget Report FY 2017 / 2018

This report considers resource allocation within a revenue budget for 2017/2018 against the context of external factors and Council priorities as detailed in the Corporate Plan. Negotiations with Cornwall Council for the transfer of nine green spaces and the library are advanced and work is progressing to complete both projects in April 2017. The Strategic Budget Working Party took a strategic view of the Council’s finances in consideration of all factors when making recommendations for the 2017/2018 budget. The Amenities Committee, Staffing Committee and Planning & Development Committee have considered the draft budget and approved the recommendations of the Strategic Budget Working Party.

The revenue budget for 2017/2018 must be set against a context of external factors that are outside the control of the Council and decisions already taken to achieve the objectives set out in the Corporate Plan.

A budget has been prepared using core principles to limit an increase to the precept to below 5.08% (Appendix ix). This represents an increased annual charge of £7.46 for Band D Council Tax payers in the Camborne Parish. The budget has been developed through a robust process, using external expertise, commencing in November with the Strategic Budget Working Party and has been interrogated through all the Standing Committees.